Custom Mobile Apps For Your Business

Your website is the perfect tools that new customers use to find you.
But what about your current customers?
If you don’t nurture them, they will exit like a revolving door.

Apps market directly to your current customers.

  • Provide timely Offers When Store Traffic Is Slow
  • Send Out Alerts With New Coupons
  • Offer Incentives to Purchase Your Products or Services
  • Live Stream Events
  • Setup Appointments
  • Menus and Restaurant Reservations
  • Virtually anything you have on your website can be put on your app… but you can “nudge” your customers to view

Ask about our secret weapon that stops your customers literally at the doorstep of your competition.

That’s why at we are dedicated to creating unique mobile apps just for you!

7 Reasons Why A Mobile App Can Improve Your Business

Reason One - Customer Visibility

The number one reason to get unique app for your business is continuous Customer Visibility. Statistics reveal that people spend more than two hours a day on their mobile devices. While only a few applications make up the bulk of this total usage, it doesn’t change the fact that a user has to scroll through current apps to find apps that he or she want to use.

When users scroll through their apps, they will see your company’s app icon. Whether they open that app or not is irrelevant; the fact that your logo and branding is always visible makes the user subconsciously aware of your brand… multiple times each day!

Reason Two - Direct Marketing with NO Competion

How often have you received a weather alert on your smartphone? Maybe 1 or 2 times over the course of 3 months. With Push Notifications you can market directly to your customers by sending an alert to them just like a weather alert.  So there is NO Competition! It’s not sent through text or email. It pops up right on the top of their smartphone- just like a weather alert.  Let’s say it’s 11:00am and you are beginning to think about lunch. Then you get an alert that says your favorite diner is having a lunch special- buy one and get one. Where do you think you will take a friend for lunch? It can work like this in countless ways for your business as well.

Have a new promotion? Did you just get your new line of products in? Is your store slow on Tuesday afternoons? Will you have special extended hours during a certain season? With a quick login, you can type your Push Notification and send it to your clients. Draw them back into your store for more business.

Note that external Push Notifications are available in the Gold and Platinum levels only. Push notifications are available for the Bronze and Silver levels, but they must be sent through our server first. So there may be a 24 to 48 hour delay.


Reason Three - Coupons & Loyalty Cards

How many times have you left that-much needed coupon at home? And what about your loyalty punch card? You know the one that gives you a free coffee after you bought ten?

With our loyalty card and coupon feature, your customers will have them right on their phone. AND, they will never forget them…unless they forget their phone that is.

But get this, suppose you run a quick lube. And you want to beef up business on Wednesday evenings. You simply use a push notification and send out a coupon offering 10% off their next Wednesday visit. You specify the time, date and exact location you want to reach.



Reason Four - Brand Recognition

Reason # 4: Build Brand Recognition with your customers.  Using your company logo and your company colors, we can create an app that is identifiable to your customers. Those small little App icons translate into impressions. And as you know, getting several impressions each day builds loyalty. Provide a good service or product, create offers that skillfully entice your customers to come back, and top it off with excellent service. That’s the simple combination for building brand recognition.

Reason Five - Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the most important yet most difficult peace to your business. Are you Selling? Telling? or Taking? According to advertising experts, you need to touch each customer 7 times over a period of time to develop loyalty. And you do this with selling, marketing and a shake of PR (public relations.)

Enter your app…

The PR component tells your story. It says who you are and what you do and how long you have been doing it. PR generates credibility. All of this information can be found easily on your app. It’s there when it’s downloaded and any changes occur automatically behind the scenes. Updates happen when your customer opens the app.

Advertising is a reminder of the products or services you sell. It tells the story not about you but about what you offer, and how really good your stuff is. Advertising is marketing and marketing is putting that carrot in front of your customer telling them there is no better place and no better time than now to come into your store. Using coupons, loyalty cards and other offers through push notifications will help you master this are increasing revenues and lowering expenses.

And sales is simply exchanging your product or service for money and making a profit.

With your app, you can Sell. You can Tell and, oh yes, you can take their money. We can even set you up with a remote credit card account and FREE card reader that is guaranteed to beat any rate you currently have. Click here for more info.

Reason Six - Staying Ahead Of The Competition

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Website or App

Do you have a website? Most business do nowadays.(if you don’t, click here and we can build one for you) There are a few that don’t, but the majority of businesses have websites to stay up with the competition. Having a website doesn’t guarantee customers and it really doesn’t guarantee customers will find you on the web. There is really a lot that goes into getting found on the web. But that’s the point. Customers have to be searching for your product or service on the web.

Websites do provide useful information about your company and product and how to get in touch with you. But a potential customer has to look for you and find you before they engage.

An App is proactive. First it assumes your customers have the App. So you simply offer a free coke, dog biscuit or 10″% off their visit for downloading your App. They can go to Google Play, iTunes or hit a QR code at your store to download your app. NOW, you can communicate directly with them through push notifications.

They don’t find you, you find them. Send a notification about your whooper duper sale and voila, you have just increased sales with out spilling any ink or killing any trees!

And the likelihood of your competition having an App at this stage of the game is very remote. You will beat them to the punch. And for those who become Gold members, I have a Secret Weapon that will guarantee to turn your customer’s head at the doorstep of your competition and send them running back to you!



Reason Seven - Creating Loyalty With Your Customer

When you think about how much advertising the average person must see; whether it be TV advertising; whether it would bill boards they drive past; whether it will be advertising at bus shelters, on their Facebook news feed. When they search Google on websites they visit with banner ads; coupons that are posted through the door, I mean, emails they get sent. It’s a lot of space to compete with so when you try to advertise you’re going to slowly… unless you’re right on the ball, you’ll lose… you’ll begin to lose your impact with your customers.

Now if they have your app on their phone, you don’t need to compete with everyone else. You don’t need to compete with anyone else with Facebook ads; you don’t need to compete with anyone else in adword ads because they have their own… you have your own little space on their phone, which is your app. So you’ve got a nice little bit in their pocket where you’re able to communicate with them directly at any point.

So when you’re running an offer, rather than relying on them to look at your fan page or visit your website to see what offer it is you’re running; you can just send the push notification which will alert that user to that offer. So there’s no competing with anyone and that will help to build return business.

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App Layouts

Powerful Mobile App Features


Perfect to get feedback and reviews from your customers. A great way to improve your service and build a relationship with your customers


Publish coupons direct to your app and let your customers know about special offers you are running. Great way to ensure you keep getting returning customers

Loyalty Cards

YES! You can have loyalty cards for YOUR business in your mobile app. Loyalty cards are a proven marketing strategy to increase return business

Exquisite Design

Showcase your branding & logo directly onto your customers smartphone. Your apps will look super professional and impress all your new and old customers.

Push Notifications

INSTANTLY contact all customers who have installed your app by sending out a push notification. Great for special offers, events and everything else to drive customers back to your business.

You can send out a push notification based on the their current location… for example.. contact people who are within 3 miles of your store.


You can showcase your business via video galleries or image galleries from within your own mobile app

Click To Call

Users can call your company with the click of a button on their phone

Social Intergration

Integrate all your social media profiles directly into your app. A great way to keep your business where it matters most… in front of your customers

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What Our Customers Say

I absolutely love how my app has given me the ability to contact my customers with special offers... instantly
Mike Brown GolfShop
Being able to share my app with my customers has brought in a ton of repeat business for me. The coupons, loyalty card and push notification features are fantastic
Sanda Rossel Beauty Salon
Being able to have my e-commerce store within an app in the Google Play & Apple app store has increased by sales dramatically
John Morgan E-Commerce Store

Pick a Plan Right For Your Needs That Fits Your Budget

  • Includes:
  • Fully functioning app
  • 6 Icons/Buttons
  • Stock Images
  • Downloadable File
  • 1 Push Notification
  • Subtract $295 if order full app development
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  • Includes:
  • 5 buttons/icons
  • Stock Images
  • 5 Changes and/or Notifications /Month
  • Limited Push Notifications sent to us for distribution
  • $39/month technology support
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  • Includes:
  • 10 buttons/icons
  • Stock Images
  • 10 Changes and/or Notifications /Month
  • Limited Push Notifications sent to us for distribution
  • $79/month technology support
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  • Includes:
  • 12 buttons/icons
  • Branded Images
  • Limited Changes
  • Unlimited Push Notifications Sent Directly by You
  • 1 Link to Shopify or Amazon Account
  • $119/month technology support
Choose Me!
  • Includes:
  • Unlimited Buttons/Icons
  • Branded Images
  • Unlimited Changes
  • Unlimited Push Notifications Sent Directly By You
  • Both Shopify and Amazon Links
  • Google Analytics to track app useage
  • Used for multiple apps, multiple companies, large number of icons
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